We Strive to Protect your Data.

Our Mission CROMSHIELD is founded with an aim of making technology human friendly. We believe that technology is meant to help humans, not to overburden them in managing it.

CROMSHIELD's mission is to organize global tools and resources to help people manage and operate technology devices efficiently; at the same time, provide peace of mind with software solutions that automate computer performance, maintenance and security.

Our Company CROMSHIELD provides software solutions to home users, developing security enhancement solutions and user friendly tools.

CROMSHIELD caters to the none tech-savvy audience and provides easy to install, one-stop-solutions to all computer performance, maintenance and security related tasks automation.

In addition, CROMSHIELD provides on-demand, remote technical services to small and medium businesses as well as to consumers for third party products of various brands.

Our Products CROMSHIELD is an international software development company dedicated to helping home users enhance their PC security and privacy by utilizing top notch technologies.

As a company dedicated to bringing latest in information security tools to consumers, CROMSHIELD has over ten years of experience in the software development and productization. We have established ourselves within the tech industry by not only supplying our products to multiple national and international companies but also by providing countless home users with top tier products.

Our Payment Acceptance Policies We believe in the safety of our customers' important data, hence we accept payments only on secured payment gateways which are SSL certified as per the prescribed standards. The secured page URL starts with https:// instead of http://. We advocate that customer must check this before making any payment through credit card or e-check or any other payment instrument. For payment, we redirect customers to the website of relevant payment gateway so that complete data remains secured with the gateway itself. We advise our customers to not to share their important payment details with anyone including our service technicians.

We recommend our customers to read our site terms and conditions agreement, refund policy and privacy policies before buying our plan to ensure all the terms and conditions are acceptable to them.

We believe that taking precautions and applying safety measures during financial transactions on the internet is very important part of our internet lives. Therefore, we recommend our customers to read these guidelines.